Zizah Obioha Okeugo is a 12-year-old artist. Zizah was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 4 and also suffers from epilepsy. He spent his early years as a nonverbal very much introverted child.

As typical with children on the spectrum, Zizah underwent constant therapy in speech development, motor skill development, and several emotional control techniques to help him blend into a neurotypical world … but it was when he discovered art and music that he began to engage with his surroundings and his family.

His parents discovered that he would draw, paint or play the piano almost purely by memory, and that’s where his monicker @eideticboy comes from.

Art and music are his means to connect to the world around him and communicate what’s he is feeling. Zizah spends hours watching and listening quietly to everything and everyone and then he draws, paints and plays music.

Thankfully he is no longer completely nonverbal and has a few words which he uses sparingly – but he speaks louder through his artistic expression.