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Terra Kulture presents Art in Quarantine, featuring and exhibiting selected works and artists which runs until the end of the year.

Curated by Tife Adedeji, Art in Quarantine explores the eminence of expression and the relevance of artists and art during this volatile pandemic. It displays works of African artists with varying mediums and processes, and their stories, views, and interpretations of this global pandemic.

Art in Quarantine aims to exhibit African artists and their works during the pandemic. It provides a platform for African artists to tell their stories and sell their topical works, and to provide solace and community for viewers through this volatile period.

This exhibition will be exclusively online. Open call launches on June 4, 2020 runs until Dec 24. 2020 and the exhibition launches on June 12, 2020 and runs until Dec. 31, All submissions will be reviewed. New entries of artists and artworks will be selected and updated weekly. African artists around the world are welcome to apply. Open calls close on December 24th and the exhibition will run through December 31, 2020.

Artists are welcome to send videos of their processes along with their works.
In March 2021, Terra Kulture Gallery will hold a physical gallery exhibition for ‘Art in Quarantine’ to feature 10 of the artists selected for the online exhibition, and to reflect on the pandemic. It will also publish an ‘Art in Quarantine’ art book featuring all the content from the online exhibition.


Now on view online at Terra Kulture gallery, ‘Color in Light’, a group exhibition that features art photographs, film, video works, and paintings by five contemporary visual artists, Chigozie Obi, Apreel Geek, Ua.x Seyi, Osagie, and Chukwuka Nwobi. ... Curated by Tife Adedeji, Color in Light wanders through moods, stories, and temperaments. Chigozie Obi, a multifaceted artist, who experiments with as many mediums and materials she takes or leaves to create her works. She sets out her canvas to be the light source her high-key watercolor paintings reflect through and uses Chiaroscuro to create warm intimate monochromatic oil paintings. Ua.x Seyi reveals the spirits of stories in the shadows that extend through his hard-natural lit tableaus and films. Apreel Geek, an artist, photographer and illustrator presents his schmaltzy delusive portraits and landscapes, and for those who get a close look, Easter eggs hidden around the paintings. In a world that may seem slight to some, Osagie envisions a discernible element worth capturing in whatever is in sight. He presents sets of abstract photos that give an eyeful of line, shape, color, form and texture, to delude real touch in seemingly slight objects. Chukwuka Nwobi, born and raised in Lagos, experiments with light and color in his collection for this exhibition which he captured over the years to show nuances of an angel through light, color and shadow.

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Open Call: June 4, 2020 – Dec 24, 2020
Online Exhibition: June 12, 2020 – December 31, 2020
Gallery Exhibition: TBD, March 2021


Works We’re Accepting: Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Audio Visual, Digital, Mixed media, Experimental, Functional, Conceptual, Essays, Creative writing, New media art. Applications may include many disciplines.

Submission Limit: 3-15 Images

Submission Info: Submission should include portfolio, at least 3 images with captions, artist statement and biography

Submission Rules: : Works selected for the online exhibition must be available for sale through the entirety of the exhibition. Artworks must be related to the exhibition theme.

Response: Featured artists and their works will be updated weekly. Selected artists and works for each week will be informed beforehand, and given ample time to make arrangements for shipping.

Requirements: All submissions must be original, unsold work. Artists must own copyright.

Commission: Terra Kulture Gallery retains 30% commission on all exhibition sales.

Sales: The gallery pays 70% to the artist of the sales proceeds. Payments to artists will be made 60 days after the online exhibition concludes.

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